This year I will be taking part in the Truderinger Kunst Tage (Trudering art days). I will be showing a selection of work from the past twelve months...

Impressions of the exhibition at the open studios at the Wiede-Fabrik October 2022

The next Wiede-Fabrik exhibition is just a few weeks away. We are looking forward to an exciting and expansive exhibition with more guest artists than...

From the exhibition series "Made In \\ Munich" Linking places of origin of art in Munich

Group exhibition. Domagkateliers Halle 50

Palais Liechtenstein, Vienna

Solo exhibition curated by Anna Uhrland. Dates: 2 June -25 June 2017

Audidom Munich

Two dimensional sculpture

Max Planck Institute

Two dimensional sculpture

  • Bildfindung // gestische Malerei // abstrakter Expressionismus

  • Ort: Max-Planck-Institut für Psychiatrie

  • Raum: Foyer

  • Gastgeber: Elisabeth Binder | Alon Chen | Heike Junkert

  • Website:

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