Group exhibition. Domagkateliers Halle 50

Palais Liechtenstein, Vienna

Solo exhibition

Audidom Munich

Two dimensional sculpture

Art Austria

Palais Liechtenstein, Vienna

Art Austria as an established art fair which takes place every year in Vienna. The 2019 show is the 12th instance of the event, which brings together artists, galleries and collectors from across Europe. 36 exhibitors show work from international artists on the two floors of the Liechtenstein Garden Palace from the 5th to 7th April.

ART AUSTRIA is committed to quality. When visitors enter this beautiful location, they should feel immersed in the world of art, both past and present. The main focus is on Austrian art, but a collaboration with renowned international galleries is also a focus.

Simon James has been invited by the Van Gough Art Gallery of Madrid, Spain, to take part in the prestigious event. He will be showing some of his latest work and will be present at the event.