CELLS   Past Projects

The Cells project began at the Ga Galerie in Munich on the 30th January 2003 with 50 painted disks measuring 8cm in diameter. (Read more about the exhibition here) Each disk is cut from a larger painting and the breaking down of the image into smaller Cells releases the work from it's fixed format and allows the individual units/CELLS to be arranged in a large variety of ways. 

The essence of the project is to activate and display the Cells in as many configurations as possible during the course of the year and to document this with film, video and photographs. 

Being small enough to carry around with me, the Cells can be activated spontaneously in places where you would not normally expect to see an exhibition/ installation of paintings. They can for example be spread over a large area in less dense clusters, be packed into a very confined space. The action of compressing and expanding these paintings reflects the nature of the content, which is biological and geographic, depending on how you interpret them.

Simon James